In an ever-growing technology and data driven world, much of the focus in education has understandably taken a shift toward STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiatives that will prepare students for the coursework and careers of the future. But life skills—how well equipped students are to make good decisions and solve problems in their academic and professional careers as well as their personal lives—should also play a critical role in a well-rounded and comprehensive education.
In a constantly changing environment, Spangle Public School stands out with various programmers to instill basic values beyond the text books and classrooms knowing life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies over the past five years have been matched with the transformation in technology and these are all impacting on education, the workplace, and our home life.

Dr. Navneet Arora, Senior professor, IIT roorkee

Linking Students’ Emotions and Academic Achievement.
Our students had an interesting interactive session withDr. Navneet Arora,
Senior professor, IIT roorkee, (mechanical branch ) Uttarakhand.
He delineated the importance of maintaining our physical, emotional and intellectual realms intact. He further deciphered that the real key to
emotional balance, like many other things in life, is consciousness.
Taking the time to do something as simple as a couple of minutes of meditation and self-reflection can go a long way to maintain emotions.
We express our ardent acknowledgement to Dr.Navneet Arora for his insightful interaction with our children.
May he always remain in the pink of health.

Capt. Md. Yunus Khan, Capt. Nitin Yadav and Ms. Anamika Chaudhary

The sky is the limit and let nothing stop from accomplishing whatever you want in life.
Reinforcement of certain words are magically effective when it’s made by people who had achieved their goals by persistence.
The programme was led by Capt. Md. Yunus Khan, Capt. Nitin Yadav and Ms. Anamika Chaudhary, the
squadron leader from Sriganganagar. The team has widened and deepened the knowledge of students regarding the career possibilities in Airforce, Navy and NDA.
Beyond the alluring appearance, the job demands much more responsibilities based on the core values such as discipline, integrity, honesty and hard work.
And most importantly, they said, SELFLESS SERVICE TO COUNTRY should be the motto for the one who’s passionate to join Airforce or Navy. They also elaborated on the criteria for the selections and procedure of the exams, subject combinations etc.
Students were excited and stimulated by the persona of Ms. Anamika Chaudhary, the first and only squadron leader till date from Sriganganagar. Various quiries of students were well answered by the team. One of our students Aishmeen rightly spoke after attending the seminar that ‘One can achieve anything in life. ANYTHING. Even if the sky is our limit. We now know that this sky being our limits can also be pushed back to infinite distances.’
Our sincere thanks to the entire team for imparting knowledge and helping the students to avail this programme.

Mr. Manoj Kitta

Teaching-Learning is a continuous process. A teacher should have an extra eye, an extra ear and an extra sense.
Let’s watch the Talk Show by Global Educationat Mr. Manoj Kitta, the chief advisor of Spangle Public School, pioneer of the innovative education programmes who flourshingly conducts various programmes for the upliftment of school children, teachers and parents. He works actively in formulating long term educational intensive programmes.