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  • August Planner
  • Dining Table Manners Activity for pre primary students to be held on 14th May 2022
  • 1st position
    Bhumi ( Nursery)
    Parav ( L.K.G )
    Arshnoor (U.K.G )
    Mehtab ( 1st Spirit)

    2nd position
    Anhad ( Nursery)
    Nirbani ( L.K.G.)
    Saanvi ( U.K.G.)
    Jayant ( 1st Spirit )

    3rd position
    Nushakha ( Nursery)
    Manjas ( Nursery )
    Mantaj ( L.K.G)
    Tushika ( U.K.G)
    Vaishnavi ( 1st Spirit)

    Appreciation award
    Gurbani ( L.K.G )
    Gurbhagwan ( L.K.G)
    Guntash ( U.K.G )
    Fatehveer ( U.K.G)
  • Online classes are available for academic session April 2022-23 onwards.
  • Registration for academic session 2022-23 is available.


Message from the Chairman

Shri. Shayam Lal Aggarwal, As strong supporters of learning, our dream was to build up an institution blended with human values. We are proud to say that the lofty dream of quality education is being carried out in our school. Spirit-Passion-Strength are our base while we STRIVE FOR THE BEST. We, the Team at Spangle with strong teaching skills and experience which we acquired from many years of teaching started this School to enrich the knowledge of new younger generation through this institution.

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About Spangle

To create masterpieces is the instinct that drove humanity to where it is today, to further evolve we need to keep creating works of art and aesthetics that satiate this carnal instinct. This is why at Spangle, we lay heavy emphasis on nurturing the aesthetics.

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Our Campuses

Spangle believes in quality and set an example by importing knowledge with passion and dedication. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to equip our children towards the changing digital world. Spangle always take pride in ‘Walking an extra mile’ for the children to enhance their knowledge.

Spangle Public School

Spangle Little Wonder

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Spangle Kidz School


Spangle Talk Show

Current Achievers

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Happy Birthday Spanglites

  • MUSKAN Nur-A
  • Amritpal Singh X-A

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