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Experience the difference at Spangle, where teaching is fun and learning is fantastic. Our experienced and friendly staff, with a rich educational background, empower children to explore new avenues of learning. As a Spanglite, you're pretty close to perfection in our supportive community. Our innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art facilities make learning an extraordinary adventure. Nurturing curious minds and inspiring creativity, we provide a solid foundation for holistic development. Join the Spangle family and embark on a remarkable educational journey. Discover the joy of learning, unleash your potential, and shape a future filled with limitless possibilities. #Spangle


Shri. Shayam Lal Aggarwal, As strong supporters of learning, our dream was to build up an institution blended with human values. We are proud to say that the lofty dream of quality education is being carried out in our school. Spirit-Passion-Strength are our base while we STRIVE FOR THE BEST. We, the Team at Spangle with strong teaching skills and experience which we acquired from many years of teaching started this School to enrich the knowledge of new younger generation through this institution. d


Welcome to Spangle, where excellence meets innovation. Our campus is a haven for creativity and intellectual growth, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to equip students for the digital world. We go the extra mile to enhance knowledge and skills, instilling a deep appreciation for aesthetics. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that fosters imagination and nurtures the instinct to create masterpieces. Our passionate educators and meticulously designed spaces encourage originality, pushing boundaries in artistic expression. Join us at Spangle, where aesthetics are celebrated, empowering young minds to evolve into tomorrow's visionary architects. Experience transformative education that prepares students for a lasting impact in an ever-evolving society.

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